Acid reflux is caused by a variety of different things. It happens when stomach acid manages to pass up into the esophagus. For most people this happens very occasionally, usually because we have over indulged in our favorite foods. But, for an ever increasing number of people, Refluxed stomach acid, and the resulting acid indigestion, is becoming a regular occurrence. So which foods should you stop eating to avoid getting frequent heartburn. There are a number of different foods on the list of foods to avoid for acid reflux, but they are there for different reasons. Some, such as acidic citrus fruits raise acid levels in our stomach, making heartburn from acid reflux more likely and more painful. Others, such as caffeine and alcohol relax the LES allowing stomach acid to be refluxed more easily, causing problems. Some foods create bulk in the stomach leading to pressure on the LES whilst others increase the production of stomach gas, creating pressure on the all important LES. Before you begin cutting too much out of your replica burberry diet, try having smaller meals. Three meals a day may be the balanced way but replicas bvlgari three large meals every day can play havoc with acid reflux. Try smaller meals with a healthy snack in between to take the edge off your appetite. Right then; Acid reflux foods to avoid, These are the suspects! Alcohol. Not cheapest fake rolex really a surprise. As you may have found out in the past, alcohol relaxes muscles. Drink too much and you soon notice that your leg muscles are getting relaxed! Well, it has exactly the same effect on the lower esophageal sphincter, this is the muscle at the top of your stomach that seals your stomach and keeps your stomach contents where they should be. Reduce your alcohol intake. Caffeine has teh same effect so cut back on coffee. Caffeine not only relaxes the LES but is also acidic, increasing the risk of heartburn from acid reflux. Carbonated or fizzy drinks raise the pressure in your stomach, one of the main causes of acid indigestion. cheap replica cartier watches Some of them also have replica watches sale caffeine in making them a double no no! Acidic fruits such as lemons, grapefruit and oranges all raise acid levels in the stomach which is the last thing you need if you have acid reflux. Tomato based sauces and tomatoes do the same. Chocolate. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but chocolate does the same as coffee, relaxing the LES and causing reflux. Eat less! Fried food, junk food and fatty food all make reflux worse. Start eating more healthily and avoid high fat processed food. Spicy meals. Enjoy a chilli or curry? Try a milder version next time. Spicy food is a definite trigger food where heratburn is concerned. High fiber food like sprouts, cabbage and broccoli can all increase the production of stomach gas, blowing you up like a balloon and raising the pressure on the LES. Buttery cakes and pastries are guaranteed to bring on acid reflux especially when eaten on an empty stomach with a cup replica movado of coffee. copy watches breitling Reading this list can seem quite depressing. Nearly all of my favorite foods are on the list and getting rid of them all could leave you wondering if it's worth cheap replica rolex it. But don't despair. This is a list of possible foods. replica watches Not everyone will have the same reaction to them so start a food diary, see which ones work for you. Each time you get heartburn note down what you ate. When a pattern shows up, then you know what to cut down on. Eat less. If it's the pressure in your stomach that is rolex fake watches causing problems, eating less will help. Millions of people live contented pain free lives despite acid reflux, just by making a few simple changes. If you found this article helpful and would like more information on treating heartburn and acid reflux visit http://www.treating-heartburn-acid-reflux.com
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